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A private driver at your disposal


TS Autonoleggio is the Car With Driver Milan or more simply the rental with driver Milan, which offers a range of solutions designed on the needs of our customers. An experience gained over the years, listening to everyone’s requests. We have developed our structure so as to be able to satisfy every type of need. A fleet of Mercedes cars capable of giving an adequate and rapid response according to the service requested, such as the Mercedes E-class or the more spacious Mercedes V-class up to the Extra Space of the Mercedes Sprinter Tourer 316 where optionals, comfort and privacy combine encounter. We are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day, availing ourselves of professional and qualified drivers ready to welcome you with elegance to make you travel in maximum comfort and safety.


Why choose an Car With Driver service in big cities?

Because the rental with driver service allows you to book and plan trips having a vehicle provided by the company at your disposal. This great advantage is recorded above all in large cities which are dispersed, full of secondary roads and full of vehicular traffic. That’s why many today prefer to rely on an Car With Driver Milan service. TS Autonoleggio is the Car With Driver Milan that has become a reference throughout the territory and responds to the needs of all customers. The company has a fleet that allows you to choose the car best suited to individual needs: from the Mercedes E-class through the comfortable Mercedes V-class up to the spacious Mercedes Sprinter Tourer 316.

In big cities, the Car With Driver service is far more widespread and widely chosen, this because it has a number of advantages that are difficult to ignore. If you are in Lombardy and you want an NCC Milan, you need to know these advantages.

What are the advantages associated with the Chauffeur service?

  • Transparency of the service: travel planning is an important benefit, the price is communicated in advance and at the time of booking and above all you have absolute knowledge of the type of car, the route, the timetable and the final cost.
  • Safety of the service: taking a taxi in an unknown city or in a large capital can be a risk that not everyone feels they want to take, for this reason relying on an Chauffeur agency is the safest service you can aspire to.
  • Punctuality of the service: the taxi is available at the moment, on call and does not guarantee a precise but indicative time. The Chauffeur service is fiscal, plan the service well in advance and ensure the punctuality of the service.
  • Convenience of the journey: when the route takes 5 or 10 minutes by car it is also possible to make do but if the route lasts about an hour then the convenience of the service begins to be a need. The Chauffeur offers comfortable, clean and sleep-proof cars.


In recent years we have re-proposed ourselves with new services to meet our customers. And we are always ready to welcome any new request.

Airport services

Tourist Services

Wedding services

Business services

Shopping services

Document transport


We have revolutionized the rental business with driver in Milan, building a fleet of new and perfect vehicles to perform the Milan chauffeur service in an impeccable way. To achieve this result, we have rethought ourselves as a high fashion tailor’s shop that creates a tailor-made service according to your needs with adaptable and customizable sizes. Thanks to this flexibility we are able to affirm without any doubt that we are the best rental service with driver in Milan that you can rely on, with the certainty of obtaining an incomparable performance.


We have a large fleet of vehicles where space, elegance, luxury and comfort meet to offer you the best Chauffeur service

Chauffeur Mercedes E Class

Mercedes E Classe

from 1 to 3 pax

Mercedes V Classe

from 3 to 6 pax

Chauffeur Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter

from 4 to 8 pax


Our company offers rental services with driver at fixed prices in Northern Italy airports such as Milan – Malpensa, Milan – Linate, and Milan – Bergamo Orio al Serio.

We are able to offer all our customers a high quality service, guaranteeing security and privacy, we also make use of a network of collaborations and are able to cover all hours of the day and night 24 hours a day, 7 days a day. 7.

Our service is aimed at individuals, companies, tour operators, travel agencies.

below are the fixed prices for the airports

The prices listed below are excluding VAT and updated to 2023

From / To from 1 to 3 pax from 3 to 6 pax from 4 to 8 pax
Milano - Linate € 60 € 80 € 110
Milano - Malpensa € 110 € 130 € 180
Milano - Orio al Serio € 120 € 140 € 190
Malpensa - Linate € 140 € 170 € 210
Malpensa - Orio al Serio € 190 € 220 € 280

* Prices may vary based on vehicle availability, or during periods of significant increase in bookings. We accept all major forms of electronic payment.

How to book or request a quote


If you are interested in booking a car with driver in Milan it is very simple, ask for a free quote from TS Autonoleggio, our staff will reply in a short time, indicating a price and the appropriate car.

Fill out the form indicating:

  • Name and surname
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail

in the message field indicate:

  • The date of the service
  • The timetable
  • The starting point and destination or any other indication.

Alternatively you can contact us at the following number +39 3383617854.


Elegance, courtesy and professionalism are the fundamental principles of our company with which we want to accompany you towards a new transport experience. Our staff is able to offer the best solution for any type of transfer, with competent and professional staff and a fleet that is up to any need.


The staff of TS Autonoleggio is made up of highly qualified, discreet and kind people who will always know how to meet your requests. Our driver is not just the driver of our cars, he is the one who welcomes you and your guests, takes care of arranging your luggage, makes sure that everyone is at ease and that the transfer goes perfectly.
We care about all our passengers and this is why they will never be treated as transients, as we are keen to offer a Milan chauffeur service that remains a pleasant experience to repeat, recommend and share.


On our site you will find all the possible ways for a quick contact, in order to immediately have a quick and exhaustive answer to your request. For example, you can make an immediate quote, for this reason we have integrated a form for calculating the route, where you can get your quote online in seconds. Just enter the place of departure, destination, date and time, choose the vehicle that best suits your space needs to get a clear quote for your transfer.
From the online calculator, you can also choose to book a Milan chauffeur service for transfers to and from the airports at convenient prices, selecting the route from Milan to Malpensa, Milan Linate, Milan Orio al Serio and vice versa.


If you need to book a service, request a tailor-made one or simply want more information on all our rental services with driver in Milan, contact us, our staff is always at your complete disposal.

We reach any location, and for this reason we have dedicated a page with the main destinations which are constantly updated. If you don’t find yours, contact us and request your free quote.